Hi we’re Rob and Tiffany Hall!

We give vacation homeowners like you the opportunity to actually vacation…even when you can’t be here to care for your home all the time.

You’re in the right place if…

  • You’re tired of arriving at your vacation home only to find something went wrong while you were away! Water leaks, broken air conditioners, storm damage, and pests can ruin a vacation.
  • Hurricane season creates major stress. How will you know your home is ok?
  • You wish you had a neighbor you trust who could keep an eye on things when you’re out of town. Having strangers coming into your home without you feels so risky.
  • You’re worried some vendor you’ve only spoken to over the phone is going to take advantage of your absence. Not to mention, you can’t drop everything to meet a service provider for maintenance and repairs.

That’s exactly why we started Shore Perfection Home Watch Services.

Our home watch services enable you to enjoy your second home and have peace of mind while you’re away. Without the hassle of managing everything over the phone. And without wasting your hard-earned vacation time on monotonous maintenance. Contact us for a home watch service consultation.

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